Monday, February 16, 2015

Updated Postmark List

Modern Australia collectors might be aware of Colleen's Oz Pictormark blog (, which has noted that the postmark listings on Australia Post's website have not been updated for sometime. It appears that today, the listings were finally updated; although frustratingly many postmarks don't have first day dates.

Some of these have been advertised in the January-February Stamp Bulletin, but again without issue dates. Two months on and I am still waiting on a letter from Hobart to clarify the issue date of their new first day of issue postmarker!

March-April 2015 New Issues

Yesterday, Australia Post updated its listing of new issues as follows:

Issue date
Withdraw date
WWI - Centenary of Gallipoli
Queen's Birthday
ANZAC (JI New Zealand & Australia)
Cocos (Keeling) Islands - Birds of Cocos
Australian Trees
Transport in Australia
No images have been seen of these issues, though the 14/4 issue is expected to be in the same square shape as last year's WWI Centenary issue. I also expect the Transport issue to be similar to the Capital Cities Transport issue a few years ago, but featuring some more unusual forms of transport.

The next Stamp Bulletin is expected to be uploaded any day soon.