Monday, November 17, 2014

Frozen Stamp Pack

With all the news on the Impressions items, forgot to mention that the Frozen stamp pack went on sale on 10 November. The pack is printed by RA Printing, so the stamps inside should be no different to those in the previous Planes et al. packs.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Paddington Bear Pack

Appearing in post offices from around 5 November, the Paddington Bear pack is the source of two new varieties for Australian collectors - the first time the 70c Love Heart Flowers stamp has been released with a tab; and the first time this stamp has been printed by RA Printing.

Friday, November 7, 2014

An Overlooked Impressions Item

There's one item that many collectors will have missed in this year's Impressions catalogue: The Kangaroo & Map and King George V stamp and coin set. I initially overlooked it thinking it was no different to the individual stamp and coin sets released with the original issues in 2013 and 2014. However, closer examination shows the set includes an exclusive miniature sheet.

This set is excellent value for money. Selling for $199, the original stamp and coin sets sold for $89.95 (Kangaroo & Map (limited to 4000, and now sold out)) and $99.95 (limited to 2500). The product went on sale with the vast majority of the other Impressions items on Tuesday.

Comments on the Impressions Catalogue

This year's Impressions catalogue should be in the hands of collectors by now.

Although some may complain about the products in the range, personally I feel Australia Post should be applauded for the quality of the catalogue and products. This year's images seem to be much more detailed, and appear to be images of the final products (or as close to the final products as possible); much more information is given on each item; and many products appear to much better value for money.

A prime example, is this year's commemorative album: WWI Commemorative Album 1914. This year's album sells for just $249.95, and contains 11 miniature sheets and a prepaid envelope (all are illustrated in the catalogue), with a total face value $24.70, plus NZ and UK stamps worth approximately $24.50.

Comparing this to previous year's, reveals how much better value this year's album is:
2010 Melbourne Cup (sold for $395) – 4 miniature sheets (total face value $17.79) plus silver stamp on cover
2011 Remembrance Day (sold for $395) – 2 miniature sheets (total face value $2, plus NZ and UK stamps)
2012 50th Bathurst Race (sold for $495) – 2 miniature sheets (total face value $2.40)

The stamp and coin products also represent value for money:
Each of the six miniature sheet and coin sets (Ulysses Butterfly, Leichhardt's Grasshopper, Corroboree Frog, Orangutan, Asian Elephant and Sumatran Tiger) contain a coin that the Royal Australian Mint sells for $15 (the Butterfly and Grasshopper coins were released this year, and are still available for sale from the Royal Australian Mint, with the others released in 2012 and are now off sale).

The Koala, Kangaroo and Kookaburra miniature sheet and gold coin sets each contain a Perth Mint gold coin sold for $59.50.

More Impressions Items on Sale, and some off Sale!

It seems the list of Impressions items released earlier this week was not complete. Turning up for the first time today (7 November) are the 2014 Multisheets, consisting of four separate sheets - this year we have two portrait sheets, one landscape sheet, and a new one consisting of square shaped stamps. (The Concession Post stamps do not appear in the portrait sheets). The set of four sheets costs $89.95, and as in the past remains one of the best value Impressions items as it contains stamps to the value of $82.70.

The WWI Commemorative Album is now off sale (this item has been on and off sale during the entire week). The individual Kangaroo, Koala and Kookaburra mini sheets and gold coins packs are now all on sale, but the set of three is off sale! The image of the Pinwheel pack has been modified - the write up refers to four miniature sheets, but the image has only three - a copy of the pack front has conveniently been placed where the fourth sheet would be. Finally, the imperforate sheets are now 'off sale' (they have been listed as 'out of stock', but I suspect they were placed on sale by mistake).

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Further Impressions Items Available

Available from today (6 November 2014):

Remembering WWI 1914
WWI Commemorative Album 1914 ($249.95)

Special Occasions Imperforate Sheet ($99.95)

Unusually, the imperforate sheet is available online this year, rather than having to phone in at a set time. Collectors may remember that last year, the imperforate sheet was also available online, but only after the usual phone in.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Impressions Items Available From Today

Australia Post has started to sell its annual Impressions items to collectors via their online shop.

On sale from today (5 November) are:
Remembering WWI 1914
A Century of Service: ADF Stamp and Lapel Pin set ($99.95)

Impressions of History
100th Anniversary of First Air Mail Flight re-enactment ($159.95)
Bush Ballads Collection ($129.95)

Nature's Splendour
Asian Elephant Coin and Imperforate Miniature Sheet ($34.95)
Corroboree Frog Coin and Imperforate Miniature Sheet ($34.95)
Floral Emblems Prestige Stamp Booklet ($29.95)
Kookaburra Miniature Sheet and Gold Coin ($89.00)*
Leichhardt's Grasshopper Coin and Imperforate Miniature Sheet ($34.95)
Open Gardens Miniature Sheet Collection ($99.95)
Orangutan Coin and Imperforate Miniature Sheet ($34.95)
Southern Lights Exclusive Miniature Sheet Pack ($19.95)
Sumatran Tiger Coin and Imperforate Miniature Sheet ($34.95)
Things That Sting Miniature Sheet Collection ($89.95)
Ulysses Butterfly Coin and Imperforate Miniature Sheet ($34.95)

Christmas Foiled Stamp Pack ($49.95)
Royal Miniature Sheet Collection ($149.95)
Special Occasions Pinwheel Miniature Sheet Pack ($49.95)

Impressive Gifts
Blinky Bill and Nutsy Embossed Stamp Pack ($29.95)

On sale at a later date:
Remembering WWI 1914
Centenary of Military Aviation and Submarines Pack ($89.95)
Remembrance Day PNC ($19.95) (expected 11 November)
WWI Commemorative Album 1914 ($249.95)

Nature's Splendour
Kangaroo Miniature Sheet and Gold Coin ($89.00)*
Koala Miniature Sheet and Gold Coin ($89.00)*
* The set of three sheets and gold coins are available though from 5 November for $240.

Special Occasions Imperforate Sheet ($99.95) (will be available by phone order at a later date)

I will list issue dates of the above items as they come on sale.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

$1.95 Sydney Harbour Bridge Reprint Differences

Thanks to those who have had time to examine the recent $1.95 Sydney Harbour Bridge reprint (issued on 1 October), and noticed a difference between the printings. On the reprint the value is in black, whereas the original self-adhesive stamps have a purple value. This difference should result in a separate catalogue number for this reprint.

I have stocks of all the self-adhesive stamps released on 1 October for sale. Please contact me at for more information.

Unexpected Personalised Stamp™ for Christmas

In recent years Australia Post releases two Personalised Stamp™ sheets for Christmas – a sheet featuring the card rate stamps (often containing two or more designs), and one for the standard letter rate (containing a single design).

This year, though we have something different – a sheet containing the two secular card rate stamps (nothing usually there) and a sheet containing the card rate religious stamp. There are no standard letter rate Personalised Stamps™ this year.

As per usual I will be producing and selling my own Personalised Stamps™. Please email me at for more information.

Impressions™ 2014 Available Soon

Australia Post mentioned in the latest Stamp Bulletin, that the Impressions™range will be released early November.

The Australia Post shop has started to display some of the range of products online:

As in previous year's the usual limited edition products, an imperforate sheet (with a complete new miniature sheet), more coin and stamp products as well as lots of gold stamps.