Friday, November 7, 2014

Comments on the Impressions Catalogue

This year's Impressions catalogue should be in the hands of collectors by now.

Although some may complain about the products in the range, personally I feel Australia Post should be applauded for the quality of the catalogue and products. This year's images seem to be much more detailed, and appear to be images of the final products (or as close to the final products as possible); much more information is given on each item; and many products appear to much better value for money.

A prime example, is this year's commemorative album: WWI Commemorative Album 1914. This year's album sells for just $249.95, and contains 11 miniature sheets and a prepaid envelope (all are illustrated in the catalogue), with a total face value $24.70, plus NZ and UK stamps worth approximately $24.50.

Comparing this to previous year's, reveals how much better value this year's album is:
2010 Melbourne Cup (sold for $395) – 4 miniature sheets (total face value $17.79) plus silver stamp on cover
2011 Remembrance Day (sold for $395) – 2 miniature sheets (total face value $2, plus NZ and UK stamps)
2012 50th Bathurst Race (sold for $495) – 2 miniature sheets (total face value $2.40)

The stamp and coin products also represent value for money:
Each of the six miniature sheet and coin sets (Ulysses Butterfly, Leichhardt's Grasshopper, Corroboree Frog, Orangutan, Asian Elephant and Sumatran Tiger) contain a coin that the Royal Australian Mint sells for $15 (the Butterfly and Grasshopper coins were released this year, and are still available for sale from the Royal Australian Mint, with the others released in 2012 and are now off sale).

The Koala, Kangaroo and Kookaburra miniature sheet and gold coin sets each contain a Perth Mint gold coin sold for $59.50.

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