Tuesday, September 30, 2014

New Stamps for International Rates Released 1 October

At least five new stamps will be released on 1 October for the new international rates which take affect on 6 October.

The three new designs will be:
$2.75 Alpine National Park, Victoria (Rest of the World Letters (up to 50g))
$5.35 Blue Mountain National Park, NSW (Asia Pacific Letters (over 50g and up to 250g))
$7.40 Judbarra/Gregory National Park, NT (Rest of the World Letters (over 50g and up to 250g))

The $2.75 stamp is also available in self-adhesive booklets of 5, and should also be available as a Personalised Stamp™.

The stamps available for the letters up to 50g to New Zealand ($1.85) and Asia Pacific ($1.95) are a little more complicated, and are best looked at by source:

Sheet stamps (gummed)
The 2006 $1.85 Tasmanian Devil stamp will remain on sale, with the 2007 $1.95 Sydney Harbour Bridge sheet stamp being reissued to post offices.

Booklet stamps (self-adhesive)
Both stamps will be released in self-adhesive booklets of 5. This is the first time the $1.85 Devil stamp has been issued in this format. Although the $1.95 Bridge stamp was issued in self-adhesive booklets of five and a prestige booklet in 2007, this 2014 printing is a complete new booklet, by a different printer.

Personalised Stamps™(self-adhesive)
As Personalised Stamps™ are vertical designs, it is likely the $1.85 Melbourne Exhibition Centre design will remain on sale, with the $1.95 Sydney Harbour Bridge design being reissued.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Blinky Bill and Nutsy/Disney™ Planes Sheetlet Packs On Sale

Post offices started to receive stamps of the Blinky Bill and Nutsy Classic Collection sheetlet pack from 1 September, with stocks of the Disney™ Planes sheetlet pack arriving 10 September.

The Blinky Bill pack contains the first example of the 70c Wattle stamp with a tab, while the 70c Fireworks stamp in the Planes pack has been used before in previous packs.

Part of one of the Disney™ Planes Fire and Rescue sheetlets
Part of one of the Blinky Bill and Nutsy sheetlets

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Increases to International Post Rates (6 October 2014)

International postal rates are set to increase again on 6 October as follows:

Aerogrammes (up to 125g) $2.30 (were $2.20)

Rates to New Zealand
Postcards and Greetings Cards (up to 20g) $1.85 (was $1.75)
Seasonal Cards* (up to 20g) $1.70 (was $1.70)
Letters (up to 50g) $1.85 (was $1.75)
Letters (over 50g up to 250g) $5.00 (was $4.50)
Letters (over 250g up to 500g) $10.00 (was $9.75)

Rates to Asia/Pacific
Postcards and Greetings Cards (up to 20g) $1.95 (was $1.85)
Seasonal Cards* (up to 20g) $1.80 (was $1.80)
Letters (up to 50g) $1.95 (was $1.85)
Letters (over 50g up to 250g) $5.35 (was $4.65)
Letters (over 250g up to 500g) $12.00 (was $11.15)

Rates to Rest of the World
Postcards and Greetings Cards (up to 20g) $2.75 (was $2.60)
Seasonal Cards* (up to 20g) $2.55 (was $2.55)
Letters (up to 50g) $2.75 (was $2.60)
Letters (over 50g up to 250g) $7.40 (was $6.45)
Letters (over 250g up to 500g) $16.50 (was $15.50)

* Rate is valid for November and December only. There are no changes to seasonal card prices.

There is no information yet on new stamps for these rates, but stamps with the following denominations are expected**: $1.95, $2.75, $5.35, $7.40, and possibly $1.85 and $5.00

** The $1.85 Melbourne Exhibition Centre stamp currently on sale for the current Asia/Pacific rate, may remain on sale for the new New Zealand rate. The $5 Twelve Apostles stamp from 2000 could be placed back on sale, as happened with the 2000 $4.50 Flinders Ranges stamp a couple of years ago. However, Australia Post's website does not list a $5.00 stamp as being currently on sale, although reprints of the stamp continue to be made.

New 'Issue Collection' Packs Available from Australia Post's Online Shop

With the release of the Husky issue for the Australian Antarctic Territory, Australia Post appears to be  selling a two new 'Issue Collection' packs.

The 'Issue Collection Standard' includes the stamps, first day cover, maximum cards and stamp pack; while the 'Issue Collection' includes one of everything released for the collection (stamps, miniature sheet, both first day covers, maximum cards, stamp pack and gutter strips).

No doubt these are designed to make ordering online easier, but I wonder how the contents of the packs were decided upon. The 'Standard' packs contents are particular curious as the only inclusion of the miniature sheet is in the pack.

It will be interesting to see if future issues will include 'Issue Collection' packs.