Tuesday, September 30, 2014

New Stamps for International Rates Released 1 October

At least five new stamps will be released on 1 October for the new international rates which take affect on 6 October.

The three new designs will be:
$2.75 Alpine National Park, Victoria (Rest of the World Letters (up to 50g))
$5.35 Blue Mountain National Park, NSW (Asia Pacific Letters (over 50g and up to 250g))
$7.40 Judbarra/Gregory National Park, NT (Rest of the World Letters (over 50g and up to 250g))

The $2.75 stamp is also available in self-adhesive booklets of 5, and should also be available as a Personalised Stamp™.

The stamps available for the letters up to 50g to New Zealand ($1.85) and Asia Pacific ($1.95) are a little more complicated, and are best looked at by source:

Sheet stamps (gummed)
The 2006 $1.85 Tasmanian Devil stamp will remain on sale, with the 2007 $1.95 Sydney Harbour Bridge sheet stamp being reissued to post offices.

Booklet stamps (self-adhesive)
Both stamps will be released in self-adhesive booklets of 5. This is the first time the $1.85 Devil stamp has been issued in this format. Although the $1.95 Bridge stamp was issued in self-adhesive booklets of five and a prestige booklet in 2007, this 2014 printing is a complete new booklet, by a different printer.

Personalised Stamps™(self-adhesive)
As Personalised Stamps™ are vertical designs, it is likely the $1.85 Melbourne Exhibition Centre design will remain on sale, with the $1.95 Sydney Harbour Bridge design being reissued.

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  1. The 5 x $1.95 Sydney Harbour Bridge booklet features a koala reprint symbol, suggesting Australia Post considers this booklet to be the first reprint of this booklet (despite it featuring a new cover).