Sunday, June 5, 2011

Parcel, Registered, Express Post Rates to Increase 4 July

The ACCC has not objected to Australia Post increasing a number of domestic rates on 4 July. All the new rates include a fuel surcharge (see Australia Post website).

For postal stationery collectors, the small and large Registered Post envelopes increase by 10c each (to $3.70 and $4.90 respectively), as does the Registered Post prepaid label (to $3.05). The 500g Parcel Post satchel increases by 30c to $6.60, and the 3kg satchel increases by 50c to $11.20. DL and C6 Express Post envelopes increase by 25c to $5.05, B4 envelopes increase by 30c to $6.40, and satchels increase by 4.8%.

As all postal stationery is postage paid, there will be no new stationery.

However, there will be a rush of new stamps for the international rate rise...

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