Friday, January 10, 2014

New Australian Stamps to celebrate Ashes Victory

Australia Post will celebrate Australia's 5-0 Ashes victory with two stamps to be issued on 20 January.

More information, including product information as it becomes available is available on Stampboards


  1. Sir,

    It is surprising that :

    a) what would be the coin used for the PNC ??

    b) Will that be a limited edition or not ??

    c) What will be used in the PNC - the 2v set or M S ??

    d) it is surprising ... why no self adhesive stamps ??

    Any way let the D DAY come .. 20.01.2014 ..

    V K Ramaswamy [ from India ]

  2. (a) Don't know, but it will be produced by Royal Australian Mint or Perth Mint
    (b) Probably limited, but to how many we don't know yet.
    (c) Probably the two stamps as the mini sheet is very large
    (d) The $2.60 stamp will be produced in a self-adhesive booklet of five due out later this week or next week.