Friday, September 30, 2016

More Personalised Stamps™

More Personalised Stamps™ will be added to Australia Post's line up in the coming days.

The Australian Monotremes Personalised Stamps should finally arrive on 3 October, the day of the price rise, although there's no guarantee of this (they have at least turned up on the website).


Unbeknown to many though was the Play School Personalised Stamp™. It was eventually advertised in the Stamp Bulletin but much later than its release date of 9 August. Collectors might be interested in the fact that after several calls to the ABC, I found they have given Australia Post exclusive rights to use any images from Play School on stamps or any philatelic related material. Hence, the generic '50 Years' image below.

We'll need to wait and see if Australia Post issues new Personalised Stamps™ for Christmas. With the price of Christmas Cards remains at 65c, Australia Post may reuse last year's stamps.

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