Saturday, September 1, 2012

Stamp Bulletin No. 318 Online

Stamp Bulletin No. 318 is now available from

What do you think of the upcoming issues?


  1. Well its not a matter of what I think about the stamps themselves - there are a lot of lovely stamps being issued by Australia Post. Its more so the number of new issues. Its a little bit out of control and has been for some time now. I know its not a new argument, but the result will be less and less people bothering to collect new issues MUH or less likely to buy new issues for posting and that makes it a lot harder for someone like me who likes to collect fine postal used examples.

    1. Another issue is the number of stamps which are being produced in both gummed and self-adhesive formats. It seems just about every issue appears in both, with collectors asking me if Australia Post has made an error when an issue only appears in gummed sheets.