Wednesday, June 10, 2015

'The Dinkum Oil' Pack

Post offices started to receive stocks of 'The Dinkum Oil' pack early last week (the product has an official release date of 2 June, which seems correct). The pack contains two exclusive sheetlets, with the stamps in a different arrangement to the original release. The printer of the sheetlets is not yet known, but will likely be different to the original.

Update 1 (11 June 2015): The actual sheetlets do not have perforations through the selvedge, unlike the image below. Scans of the actual sheetlets will be shown soon.
Update 2 (12 June 2015): The sheetlets were printed by Ego Print, who printed the original issue. RA Printing printed the 2014 War stamps in the multistamp sheetlets released as part of the Impressions range.

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