Tuesday, August 18, 2015

August-October New Issues Announced

While we await the next Stamp Bulletin, issues for August to October have been announced (note: there has been some additions to those announced in the last Stamp Bulletin).

25 August - Birth of a Princess (no image available yet, but likely to be similar to the Prince George issue)
1 September - Signs of the Times (the postmark seen shows the issue date as 11 August!)
9 September - Dogs that Saved Macquarie Island (AAT issue)
9 September - Long May She Reign (marking the day the Queen becomes the Commonwealth's longest reigning monarch)
22 September - The Solar System (Stamp Collecting Month issue)
5 October - Honoured by Australia (likely to highlight the Australian Honours System)
13 October - Bicycles
27 October - A Centenary of Service - Animals in War (the regular military issue)
30 October - Christmas Island Christmas (a light-hearted view of Christmas)
30 October - Christmas (religious and secular stamps)

Certainly a busy and potentially expensive time for collectors. Let's hope the price of most of the stamps is set at the domestic rate of 70c.

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