Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Stamp Bulletin No. 336

Collectors should have received their latest Stamp Bulletin by now. Unusually, Australia Post has not uploaded a PDF version to their website, or a copy to the Issuu website.

What surprised me is the number of issues, and most issues are accompanied by a miniature sheet and/or self-adhesive booklets. Thankfully, none of these issues are released in a special format, though I wonder what the contents of the 'Long May She Reign' prestige booklet are.

There is also no mention of this year's Christmas stamps, although they are released only 3 days after the Animals in Action issue. No doubt, Australia Post has saved the Christmas issues for the November-December Bulletin, but if you were cynical you might think putting the 'Signs of Our Times' (1 September) issue in the July-August Bulletin, and the Christmas issues (30 October) in the November-December Bulletin, to give the impression that there are fewer issues in September-October than there actually are.

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