Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Impressions™ 2015: Centenary of WWI Coin and Miniature Sheet Packs

Unfortunately you can have too much of a good thing at times. Again Australia Post will release several coin and imperforate miniature sheets packs (all limited to 150).

There are four packs (each sells for $34.95):
  • 70c Centenary of Military Aviation stamp with Royal Australian Mint (RAM) 50c Australian Flying Corps coin (coin sold by RAM for $10)
  • $5 Centenary of First Victoria Cross Medal stamp with RAM 50c Boer War coin (coin sold by RAM for $10)
  • 70c Centenary of Military Submarines stamp with RAM 50c German New Guinea coin (coin sold by RAM for $10)
  • 70c Sydney/Emden Engagement stamp with RAM 50c Battle of Cocos Islands coin (coin sold by RAM for $10)
Limited to: 150 of each pack
Sheet size: Unknown
Printer: Unknown
Printing Process: Likely to be digital due to the small print run, and the numbering
Paper: Ordinary gummed paper
Special features: Each design is imperforate, and includes a micro printed '2015' date (though the $5 stamp probably doesn't)
Availability date: 26 October 2015

Update 1 (28 October 2015): Changed availability date to 26 October 2015, reflecting the first day these went on sale.

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