Friday, October 30, 2015

Three Personalised Stamps™ Available with Christmas 2015 Issue

Following on from last year, three more Christmas stamps have been added to the Personalised Stamps™ range. The sheet with the Present stamp, also includes the 65c Dove stamp (again there is likely to be 9 of one design, and 11 of the other). The printer, perforations and phosphor tagging are expected to be the same as before, but will be confirmed once the stamps have been examined.

Readers are reminded that I will be splitting my sheets of Personalised Stamps™ up, and collectors who are interested in a set of three should contact me.

Draft designs (subject to approval by Australia Post)

Update (5 November 2015): In a surprise change of printers, the base sheets are printed by RA Printing, rather than McKellar Renown. This might be due to the small quantities required.
Update (9 November 2015): Appears Australia Post has rejected by designs. I will redesign them and resubmit.

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