Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Impressions™ 2015: The Final Items

Christmas 2015 Foiled Pack
Again Australia Post is issuing a limited edition foiled stamp pack containing this year's Christmas stamps.

The miniatures in the pack are (each sells for $49.95):
  • Three sheets containing a block of four of the gummed stamps with foiled designs.
  • A sheet containing four foiled self-adhesive stamps (2 x Present, 2 x Dove (65c and $1.70)).

Limited to: 500 packs
Sheet size: Unknown
Printer: Unknown
Printing Process: Unknown
Paper: Ordinary gummed paper and self-adhesive
Special features: Each stamp is embellished

Availability date: 30 October 2015

Era of Sail Prestige Booklet ($29.95)
The write up for this prestige booklet makes the contents unclear. It is likely to contain four gummed panes featuring each stamp in a block of four, and a pane printed on silk with self-adhesive gum containing all four stamps.

Limited to: 500 booklets
Sheet size: Unknown
Printer: Unknown
Printing Process: Unknown
Paper: Ordinary gummed paper and self-adhesive
Special features: Self-adhesive stamps are printed on silk
Availability date: 26 October 2015

Era of Sail Gold Foiled Stamps ($99.00)
Lastly, the usual gold foiled stamps this year reproduce the Era of Sail stamps. These gold foil stamps are valid for postage, but at almost $25 a stamp, you'd never use them!

Limited to: 250 collections
Stamp size: 37.5 mm x 26 mm
Printer: Unknown
Printing Process: Unknown
Paper: Unknown
Special features: Gold foiling
Availability date: 26 October 2015

Update 1 (28 October 2015): Changed availability date to 26 October 2015, reflecting the first day these went on sale.
Update 2 (30 October 2015): Changed availability date of Christmas Pack to 30 October 2015, reflecting the first day this went on sale.

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