Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Impressions™ 2015: Gold Miniature Sheet Collections

Every year there's a two gold miniature sheet collections, and this year's editions are for the Centenary of Gallipoli and the Reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

The Centenary of Gallipoli Collection (sold for $159.95) includes:
  • two 24 karat numbered gold miniature sheets (one printed in black, and one without).
  • a standard perforate miniature sheet.

The Long May She Reign Collection (sold for $149.95) includes:
  • two 999.9 numbered gold miniature sheets (one perforate, and one imperforate.
  • a standard perforate miniature sheet.
  • an imperforate version of the standard miniature sheet.
Limited to: 250 of each collection
Sheet size: Same as the original sheet size
Printer: Unknown
Printing Process: Lithography for standard sheets
Paper: Ordinary gummed paper for standard sheets
Availability date: 26 October 2015

A special collection with Australian and British miniature sheets is also available from 27 October for $149.95 (limited to 250). The Australian miniature sheet in this collection appears to be the same as the standard version.
Update 1 (28 October 2015): Changed availability date to 26 October 2015, reflecting the first day these went on sale.

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