Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Impressions™ 2015: The Great War Album - 1915 Gallipoli

The second in a series of albums, this album which sells for $249.95, commemorates the Centenary of Gallipoli and other events that happened during the First World War in 1915.

The contents of this album are certainly numerous:

  • Five digitally printed and numbered gummed miniature sheets featuring vertical pairs of the Gallipoli stamps.
  • One digitally printed and numbered gummed miniature sheet featuring a block of five of the Animals in War set of five.
  • A gummed miniature sheet containing two horizontal strips of the five Gallipoli stamps with a map showing key locations in Gallipoli.
  • Hill 60 postage paid postcard (exclusive to this product).
  • AE2 pre-stamped envelopes and Malta ANZAC Memorial prepaid envelope with exclusive foiled postmarks.
  • Regular versions of the ANZAC Joint issue miniature sheet (Australian version) and Victoria Cross miniature sheet.
  • Issues from the UK and New Zealand.

Also included is a Simpson's Donkey coin, and replica of a hand-drawn map of Hill 60.

Limited to: 250
Printer: UnknownPrinting Process: Limited edition miniature sheets are digitally printed
Paper: Ordinary gummed paper
Special features: Likely to include imperforate stamps
Availability date: 26 October 2015

Update 1 (28 October 2015): Changed availability date to 26 October 2015, reflecting the first day these went on sale.

Update 2 (31 October 2015): As of today, this product appears to be 'Out of Stock'. This happened last year with the 1914 album, with the album going back on sale a few days later.

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