Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Impressions™ 2015: Further Items

Australia Post Philatelic has kindly sent me a PDF copy of the Impressions™ catalogue, which has a further more items listed.

Australian Trees Special Pack

Limited to: 1000 packs
Sheet size: Unknown
Printer: McKellar Renown
Printing Process: Probably lithography with scent added
Lemon Scented Sheetlet:
Ordinary gummed paper (stamps appear to be the same as the regular issue, but have a plastic coating applied, which is the scent).
Sheetlet printed on wood:
Self-adhesive (same as regular issue)
Special features: Scent added to the gummed sheetlet
Availability date: 30 October 2015

Animals in War Ingot Set
This one escaped my notice whilst checking online. There are no images of the miniature in the webshop.

Limited to: 250 sets
Sheet size: Unknown
Printer: Unknown
Printing Process: Likely to be digital due to small print size and numbering of each sheet
Paper: Ordinary gummed paper
Special features: Unknown
Availability date: 26 October 2015

Update 1 (30 October 2015): Date of availability added to Trees pack, and correction to contents.
Update 2 (5 November 2015): Printer of trees sheetlets updated.
Update 3 (10 November 2015): Trees pack has arrived and information on the Trees pack has been updated.

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