Wednesday, October 28, 2015

New Ordering System for Limited Edition Impressions™ Items

To avoid the problems in the past with phone ins and people placing multiple orders etc., Australia Post has started a new system where collectors can register their interest in buying a product, and purchasers will be selected at random.

Collectors can register at:

Registrations closed on 1 November 2015, and collectors will be advised within 5-10 days of the closing date whether they have been successful.

Registrations were extended until 3 November due to distribution problems with the Impressions catalogue to customers in Western Australia.

Victoria Cross Miniature Sheet Collection ($49.95)

This collection contains six imperforate Victoria Cross miniature sheet:

  • four with foiled Sydney Stamp Expo postmarks (one for each of the four days)
  • an imperforate version, similar to the one sold at the show, but without the show's logo
  • a laser cut version (more information to follow)

Limited to: 120 packs
Sheet size: Same as original
Printer: Unknown
Printing Process: Unknown
Paper: Ordinary gummed paper
Special features: To be advised
Available from: 2 November 2015

AE2 Commemorative Pack ($69.95)
Marking the centenary of the AE2, this pack contains three pre-stamped envelopes, and postage paid postcard and an imperforate miniature sheet containing six 70c Submarine stamps.

Limited to: 120 packs
Sheet size: Unknown
Printer: RA Printing
Printing Process: Unknown
Paper: Ordinary gummed paper
Special features: Unknown
Available from: 2 November 2015

Update 1 (5 November 2015): Printer added to the AE2 pack.

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